Greener Gardens

We are proud to offer a range of greener garden materials, products and services:
  • Designing and installing rainwater harvesting systems, permeable driveways and other green landscaping options
  • Reusing the materials already existing in your garden and incorporating them into your designs
  • Following in the footsteps of the National Trust and Kew Gardens in reducing our carbon footprints by using peat free compost
  • Encouraging the use of, advising on and installing garden composters, water butts and wormeries
  • Protecting your garden from weeds, pests and fungal infections naturally and effectively without using any chemicals, which is good for your garden, your pets and your children too
  • Advising on and installing wildlife and insect houses to attract beneficial insects and animals to your garden like butterflies, ladybirds, birds, bees and even hedgehogs and frogs which assist with natural biological pest control and pollination and which the children love too
  • Recycling all green garden waste materials